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Ball valves

High-Performance metallic sealing gastight ball valves for severe service applications

Designed to individual customer requirements, Hartmann ball valves guarantee the highest levels of safety and availability – even under extreme operating conditions. As a reliable shut-off valve, they resist aggressive media, extreme pressures and temperatures or frequent actuating operations. The metal-to-metal sealing between ball and seat rings with high quality hardfacing provides an especially long service life and minimises maintenance requirements.

The ball valves are equipped with hand lever or gearbox for manual operation. Automatic operation by means of electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators. Configuration variants e.g. rapid close, fail-safe-open, fail-safe close and high cycle with ≥200,000 actuations per year. We develop tailor made solutions for special process requirements.

Products / Design

  • Shut-off ball valves with trunnion mounted ball (type AST) or floating ball (type ASF)

  • Pigging valves also as replacement for scraper launching systems for measurements, cleaning and separation of media

  • Ball valves with integrated components such as strainer or non-return valve

  • Twin ball valves with multiple barriers in pressure direction and cavity pressure bleed off for increased safety requirements

  • Multi-way ball valves for diversion and changeover units

  • Heating jacket ball valves for media requiring an increased temperature (e.g. sulphur)

  • Flow Control ball valves with linear or equal percentage flow characteristic

  • Drill string ball valves such as Kelly valves and IBOP

  • Top entry ball valves

  • Stem extensions for high or low temperature applications or for valve insulation

  • High pressure ball valves e.g. with BASF lens ring gasket flanges

  • Nominal bore: DN8 (1/4“) to DN1000 (40“)

  • Pressure: Vacuum up to 1.035 bar (15,000 psi)

  • Temperature: -200 °C (-328 °F) to + 550 °C (1022 °F)

  • Sealing system: Metal-to-metal sealing

  • Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Superduplex, Hastelloy, Incolloy, Inconel, Monel, Titanium

  • Functions: Double block and bleed (DBB), double isolation and bleed (DIB 1 and DIB 2)

  • Regulations and Standards: API 6A, API 6D, ASME, PED, DGRL, DIN ISO

  • Certified for: Fire Safe, TA Luft, SIL and more

  • Connections: Flange, but weld, socket weld, threaded


Crude oil, natural gas, acid gas, syngas, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, steam, thermal water, coal dust, slurry, slag and ash, polymers, cellulose, miscellaneous solids (also corrosive /abrasive), ethylene, liquid sulphur, PE / PP

Ball valves

Type shock

Natural Cosmetics Oil

AST - Spherical ball

Natural Cosmetics Oil

Gate valve

Natural Cosmetics Oil

API 6A ball valves

Natural Cosmetics Oil

ASF - Floating ball

Natural Cosmetics Oil

Scraper valve

Natural Cosmetics Oil

TBV - Twin ball valve

Natural Cosmetics Oil

Ball valves for oxygen

Natural Cosmetics Oil

Special ball valves

Natural Cosmetics Oil

Ball valves for hydrogen


Rheonik RHE 28 Datasheet

Installation Guide

Rheonik RHE 28 Installation Guide (english)

Rheonik RHE 28 Installation Guide (german)

RHE2X Setting Instructions

RHE2X Information Sheet


RHE2X Desktop Reference

Wiring diagrams 

RHE 27/28 W-E_SH

HART - as Standard Two plus HART

RHE 27/28 W-E_S2

Standard Two - 2*4/20mA (a/p), 2*Pulse/Freq, 2*DO, 2*DI, RS485 (Modbus)

RHE 27/28 W-E_S1

Standard One - 1*4/20mA (a/p), 2*DO (Pulse/Freq/Status), 1*DI, RS485 (Modbus)

RHE 27/28 W-E_CH

Premium - as Standard Two plus HART and analogue input 

Configuration Software

RHECom Pro 

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