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Kelly valves

Our Hartmann Kelly Valves are manufactured and tested to API specification 7-1 and in compliance with IS0 9001:2015.

Kelly valves are used as a safety valve in drilling rigs. The use of the kelly valve enables an interruption of the flow inside the drill string. Depending on the conditions, we supply our kelly valves with different overall lengths, external and internal diameters as well as thread types. Manufacturing is done according to API specifications 7-1 and in compliance with IS0 9001:2015. Certification (Type Approval) by ABS and DNV is possible.

Additional lines


  • DOUBLE SHAFT (One ball with two operating shafts)

  • TWINBALL QUAD SHAFT (Two balls with four operating shafts)

Additional lines

  • BREAK IN (power fitting for easy on-site assembly)


  • Type Approval by ABS and/or DNV

Kelly valves

Types of people

Type shock

Natural Cosmetics Oil

Kelly valves


Rheonik RHE 28 Datasheet

Installation Guide

Rheonik RHE 28 Installation Guide (english)

Rheonik RHE 28 Installation Guide (german)

RHE2X Setting Instructions

RHE2X Information Sheet


RHE2X Desktop Reference

Wiring diagrams 

RHE 27/28 W-E_SH

HART - as Standard Two plus HART

RHE 27/28 W-E_S2

Standard Two - 2*4/20mA (a/p), 2*Pulse/Freq, 2*DO, 2*DI, RS485 (Modbus)

RHE 27/28 W-E_S1

Standard One - 1*4/20mA (a/p), 2*DO (Pulse/Freq/Status), 1*DI, RS485 (Modbus)

RHE 27/28 W-E_CH

Premium - as Standard Two plus HART and analogue input 

Configuration Software

RHECom Pro 

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