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Durability and long service life characterize our equipment.

Our API 6A-compliant wellheads are designed to meet the highest standards and have been used for decades in oil and gas production, storage technology and deep geothermal applications. Made of high-quality materials, they are equipped as standard with gas-tight, purely metallic sealing ball valves. An integrated design not only minimizes height and weight, but also saves a lot of money by saving on flange connections. For the assembly service, repairs and maintenance an experienced service team is available around the clock.


Type shock

Natural Cosmetics Oil

Base flange

Natural Cosmetics Oil


Natural Cosmetics Oil

Casing double flange

Natural Cosmetics Oil

Special components

Natural Cosmetics Oil

Head spool tension type

Natural Cosmetics Oil

Shape and clamp hangers


Rheonik RHE 28 Datasheet

Installation Guide

Rheonik RHE 28 Installation Guide (english)

Rheonik RHE 28 Installation Guide (german)

RHE2X Setting Instructions

RHE2X Information Sheet


RHE2X Desktop Reference

Wiring diagrams 

RHE 27/28 W-E_SH

HART - as Standard Two plus HART

RHE 27/28 W-E_S2

Standard Two - 2*4/20mA (a/p), 2*Pulse/Freq, 2*DO, 2*DI, RS485 (Modbus)

RHE 27/28 W-E_S1

Standard One - 1*4/20mA (a/p), 2*DO (Pulse/Freq/Status), 1*DI, RS485 (Modbus)

RHE 27/28 W-E_CH

Premium - as Standard Two plus HART and analogue input 

Configuration Software

RHECom Pro 

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